HICO Track MachineHICO Track Machine

Our Off-Road Track equipment allows us to access those hard to reach areas. Our fleet of Track Equipment, is designed from the M7 Bombardier Model Units and they allow us to maneuver through swamps, ditches, roadsides and over rock cuts. They come complete with attachments such as backhoes, auger, rock drill, and long reach booms. These assist with large pole settings and are an integral part of our business.

Check out our Specialty Services Page for more information.

We offer Floating Services and deliver poles and equipment to the worksite.

We offer Single and Double Bucket Truck Services to provide service for Hydro Line Projects, Street, Yard and Stadium Lighting, Installations and Maintenance. These units are Rubber-Tired and can be driven to the worksite.

We offer Rubber Tired Backhoes that are used for City Projects, and cause minimal disruption to existing lawns, yards and park areas.

We offer services involving Excavators, and HICO Track Machine Equipment.

Equipment Testing

Boom Truck ServicesWe are equipped with two
65' Terex Off-Road Double Buckets

Off Road Track equipment has been Mechanically Tested by Engineers for stability. Annual Non-Destructive Tests, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Flaw detection are performed annually. Safety Checks, Licensing, Insurance, Emission Testing and Maintenance are all performed.

Vehicles are equipped with Safety Features, such as:

  • Back-up Beepers
  • Cell Phones
  • Orange Safety Flags
  • First Aid Kits
  • Fire Suppression Kits
  • Spill Kits and Emergency Tools
Boom Truck ServicesBoom Truck Services

Workers are trained in CPR, First Aid, WHMIS, Safety & Rescue Techniques, and Safe Machine Operations.


We follow all guidelines as outlined by the Ministries and all Governing bodies.


Extra caution is used to ensure Waterways, Creeks, Streams and Lakes are left undisturbed and in their natural state. We participate in recycling.

Surplus Equipment For Sale:

We have a surplus of Transformers, Switches, Air Tracks, Steel Towers, and a Ditch Witch. Contact us for pricing and details.