Rock Drilling

Rock Drilling machine in actionRock Drilling Machine in Action

Simon Ingersoll invented the rock drill in 1871, and then set the standard again for the utility industry in 1991. His drilling package brings the technology of the down hole hammer drill to revolutionize the way utility poles were drilled into solid rock.

A Down Hole Hammer Drill is a specialized tool used for Drilling in solid rock. Bit Sizes range from 12" to 24" in diameter. A drilled rock hole forms a secure pole setting. In comparison to Blasting or Rock Mounts, drilling is safer and more cost effective. The impact on the Environment is reduced and minimal disturbances result.

The Rock Drill is powered by an 825 CFM Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor that accompanies the unit to the worksite.

Drilling Services are available for:

  • Pole Settings in Bedrock
  • Bridges
  • Solid Rock Building Foundations
  • Highway, Rock Cuts, Streets and Rural Areas.