Sub Station and High Voltage Work

Wildon Wiring Limited has been involved with many Sub Station projects for Mines, Mills and the Forestry Sector. We take the time to meet with each client to review their project, see the site and review any project plans. Once we know the need for power, we can determine their Sub Station requirements. All equipment such as Arresters, Insulators and Transformers are tested before any initialization occurs. It is important to note that some Sub Station components are built to order, therefore a lengthy time frame can result for delivery.

We have built:

  • 44 kV Sub Stations
  • Rebuild of 115 kV Sub Stations.
  • Performed Brush Cutting using Hydro Axe, and Line Maintenance on 115 kV Power Lines

Our High Voltage Work includes:

  • Live Line Work
  • Rubber Glove
  • Hydro Line Construction and Maintenance

Our latest projects:

High Voltage WorkHigh Voltage Work
  • Young-Davidson Project 115 kV Line
  • Musselwhite Mine fire damage 2011
  • Victor Project, DeBeers

What do we do for the customer?

  • We visit the site and plan, design and implement the Sub Station that is required.
  • We build quality Sub Stations complete with Foundations, Fencing and Safety Measures.
  • We contact the Local Utilities Department.
  • We co-ordinate the Date, Time and Duration of the Power Outages.
  • We forward the documentation to all respected parties.
  • We contact the Inspection Department and obtain proper Permits.

Committed to Customer Service:

We service what we sell. As Part of our Customer Service Agreement, we like to provide excellence in Customer Service. We are reachable 24 hours a day for emergencies or to answer any questions. We perform regularly scheduled Maintenance, so you can be sure professionals are overseeing your needs. We remain committed to your job from start to finish.

Preventative Maintenance:

Performing regularly scheduled maintenance can act as a huge cost saver. When Maintenance is performed, you can ensure that your line is operating at optimal performance levels. Our services can be performed by Foot, Quad or Chopper Patrols.

Flying over a Power Line to provide early detection of a problem, can prevent loss of time, production and money.

We check:

  • Cracked, Damaged and Dirty Insulators
  • Transformers
  • Damaged Switch Gear
  • Broken Lightning Arresters
  • Sub Stations

Line Patrols:

  • Trees down on the line
  • Broken Cross Arms or Wires
  • Broken Hydro Poles
  • Defective parts
  • Woodpecker Damage
  • Hot or Weak Spots on the Hydro Line
  • Teaming up with Wisk Air Helicopters, a Line Patrol can be performed using an Infrared Camera to isolate a problem area quickly and efficiently. When a Mine or Mill has no power, speed and accuracy are the answer.