Emergency Services

24 hour Call Centre
Reachable, Dependable service you can count on!

Mines and Mills

  • Power knocked out due to Lightning Strikes or other Natural Systems.

Cities, Towns

  • Reachable, Service you can count on at 2 am or 6 am.
  • Dedicated workforce to be there for the demand Call outs.
    We Respond to Emergency Calls.

Private Customers:

  • We will get the power back on.
  • Generator Power available for Temporary Service.

Storm Damage

Fire/Lightning and Strong Winds

  • Lightning Strikes and Repairs - Shebandowan, Ontario
  • Wind Damage: Pickle Lake, Ontario, Thunder Bay and Rural Areas.
  • Emergency call out for Forest Fire threat to Power Lines
  • Fire Storm: White River, Ontario
    We pulled workers off of projects and mobilized for the Emergency Situation. Float Trucks, equipment, workers and accommodations were organized in minutes. Poles were ordered and delivered out to the Site. Back-up people were in place and on Stand-by.
  • Stop, Drop and Prioritize. You have no time to waste. Just ACT.
  • We have a team of Professional Decision Makers.

Notable Jobs

Fire Damage

  • Musselwhite Mine 2011
  • Crew on stand by
  • Mobilized for emergency services

Storm Damage (Wind)

Storm Damage - Thunder BayStorm Damage - Thunder Bay
Oliver Rd & Balmoral

October 26th 2010

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Assisting Thunder Bay Hydro with Power Restoration

Storm Damage (Wind)

Wind Storm, July 4th and 6th, 1999.

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • Severe Tornado-like winds knocked out Power.
  • 39,200 people were affected, which amounts to 80% of Thunder Bay Hydro Customers.
  • 35 spans of Power Lines were down with 100s of Trees down on lines. We were involved with 82 hours of around the clock repairs to restore power.