Happy 40th Birthday!

Source: The Chronicle Journal

We've been energized since 1971 and we're celebrating 40 years in business! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Wildon Wiring Limited!

We have a lot of people to thank for achieving our 40-year milestone in 2011, and we would like to begin with the former, original owners: William Hogg and Don Bayes. They formed Wildon Wiring Limited in 1971 and today we're celebrating the 40-year legacy that they created!

Bill and Sharon Hogg took over the partnership in 1975 and they serviced clients like Bell Canada, Hydro One, Great Lakes Power, CN Rail and private customers. Bill and Sharon employed people, donated to charities and provided sponsorship dollars to local hockey teams. In 1976, a young boy of 12 who played for the Westfort Maroons received a hockey jersey with Wildon Wiring Limited as his sponsor. His name is Willy Clavet, and he is now the owner of Wildon Wiring Limited and still has this jersey today.

Willy and his wife Taryl purchased the company in 1993 and carry on the same Wildon tradition, by employing people, managing and operating equipment, servicing clients that are private, corporate and industrial across Northwestern Ontario, and provide sponsorship dollars to local hockey players.

Willy works as a journeyman power lineman and treats his work as his hobby! His endless hours of dedication to the trade have contributed to the success achieved today! From 35-foot hydro poles to 110-foot stadium lighting poles, Willy and crew continue to reach new heights!

Proudly, we would like to thank all the current and former employees and their families who have assisted with reaching this milestone and we value their support.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the professionals who have been there for us through all the years, like our bank, insurers, legal advisers and accountants, our suppliers, shop staff, office staff and support workers. We say thank you for all the hard work and dedication.

It is because of people like you that we are still operational 40 years later!

In closing, Taryl and Willy manage the business just like the hockey games Willy played over 30 years ago, with a team effort approach, playing for the same team and chasing the same goal: success!

At Wildon Wiring we say: "Make your life a grand adventure."

And in 2011, "We're climbing to even newer heights!"

-- Submitted by Taryl and Willy Clavet, owners of Wildon Wiring Limited.